[SOS-PCA] September SOS Call notes

Prescott, Leah lprescott at blm.gov
Thu Oct 4 13:41:20 CDT 2018

Thank you to everyone that has been sending me updates on your collections
& a sample data sheet for review.

If there are any updates to records, such as species identifications,
please send Leah (lprescott at blm.gov) an email ASAP. Its best to catch this
before seed goes into bend or long-term storage but we know that is not
always possible. We keep a record of these correspondences in our files in
the event that what is on the datasheet does not match what is in the
portal or what our storage partners have.

Please send clearance forms to Leah for any collections you would like sent
to your office or a partner. Please consolidate your clearance forms as
much as possible, so, if you know you need 6 collections returned on the
same date, use only one clearance form for these. *Please keep in mind that
Bend needs 1 months notice for clearance forms, please plan accordingly.*

*Annual Reporting*: Please leave all SOS records in good order, ensuring
that datasheets, photos and other records are saved electronically at your
office. *All data forms, photos, and annual reports are due to Leah by Dec.
15, materials sent in early are always appreciated.* If for some reason you
cannot meet that deadline, please let Leah know. The SOS annual report
template is available on the website. Sending forms via GoogleDrive is an
easy way to send your final materials, but DropBox or email attachments
also work.

Please submit any extra photos of people collecting, or new collection
techniques you may have tried. These will be used for reports and new
training materials.

*Data entry via the portal is also due by Dec. 15th.* There are currently
415 collections entered into the portal and we are expecting ~620
collections this year. Please make sure you are working this into your
schedule. If you cannot meet the deadline, please let Leah know.

Bend reminders:

*Please notify bend before sending any shipments weighing 20 lbs. or more.*
These large collections will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

*Please notify Bend once you are finished sending collections for the
season. *They may be able to get your season report back to you sooner.

Please check your accession numbers before sending seed to Bend.

Smithsonian reminders:

Send all unmounted herbarium specimens to Erika at the Smithsonian. Please
include an herbarium label for each collection and a transmittal notice for
the entire shipment. You *do not* need to include data forms. If you have
any questions please contact Erika Gardner.

Please follow the shipping instructions outlined on SOS website so that
specimens are not damaged during transport.

Thanks everyone!


Leah Prescott
Bureau of Land Management
Plant Conservation & Restoration Program
Data Coordinator

National Seed Strategy for Rehabilitation and Restoration
Plant Conservation Alliance <http://www.plantconservationalliance.org/>
Seeds of Success
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