[SOS-PCA] ARTICLE: Seed-based Restoration Of Damaged Mediterranean Coastal Habitats: The Sardinia Case

Prescott, Leah lprescott at blm.gov
Wed Oct 10 08:28:45 CDT 2018

From: International Network For Seed-based Restoration
By:  G. Bacchetta, F. Meloni, M.S. Pinna, L. Podda, M. Porceddu, A. Sanna
October 8, 2018

The Mediterranean Basin is one of the most important plant diversity
hotspots worldwide; however, its sandy coasts are affected by strong
erosive processes, also accentuated by the disappearance of dune and
submerged vegetation caused by human exploitation. Therefore, in the
Mediterranean area, plant conservation and ecological restoration are of
major importance for the sustainable development. Through naturalistic
engineering interventions, it is possible to implement anti-erosive,
stabilizing and consolidation actions for the protection and restoration of
dune ecosystems. Such restoration practices, using native and locally
adapted plant species, can contribute to habitat regeneration, long-term
protection and enhancement of the Mediterranean natural heritage. The
increasing use of native plants in restoration activities significantly
contributes to the conservation of the indigenous plant communities as well
as their genetic diversity.

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