Haidet, Margaret (Megan) mahaidet at blm.gov
Fri Dec 11 12:37:24 CST 2015

Hi Everyone,

If you have not already, please send me your final data sheets, photos and
annual reports for the 2015 collections. If your team will not be able to
make this deadline, please let me know.

Email has proven the best and most efficient method for document transfer
this year (there have been numerous glitches downloading large folders via
google drive), so if you're sending anything else please email me or send a
cd for photos.

For interns interested in staying in the plant conservation loop, I
recommend signing up for the Plant Conservation Alliance listserve. There
has recently been a flood of job interest announcements and this list is a
great way to stay connected. You can sign up via the instructions here:

Happy holidays and looking forward to working with you all again next year!

Megan Haidet
Seeds of Success
National Collection Curator
Seeds of Success

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