[SOS-PCA] No-pest strip guidance

Haidet, Margaret MAHaidet at blm.gov
Thu May 10 12:48:23 CDT 2012

You can use any brand of no-pest strip.  Bend is not picky.  I would go with the easiest one to find.  They can be found at most hardware stores for a fair price.  If you cannot find them in sheets, the ones below with the white hanger can be taken apart so the yellow strips may be cut into 2"x2" pieces for use in each seed bag.  Size/amount varies by bag size.  The remaining pieces can be stored in a ziplock bag (or double bagged) for future use.

Insecticides should NOT interfere with flora.  There shouldn't be any type of herbicide in these no-pest strips; so we shouldn't have to worry.
 If folks are concerned about "contact" made on the seed coats, maybe a single wrap of newspaper around the strip; so there's a bit of a "barrier" between the insecticide and the seedcoat.  Don't want to wrap too much, or could prevent strip from doing it's intended job; killing ITCH MITES!

Here are some examples:
[cid:image001.jpg at 01CD2EB3.700100B0][cid:image002.jpg at 01CD2EB3.700100B0]

Megan Haidet
Seeds of Success
National Collection Curator

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