[SOS-PCA] SOS call notes from 12/7

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Thu Dec 16 15:44:49 CST 2010

SOS Collectors Call Notes
                             December 7, 2010

29 participants on the call

Please send in your data, photos and annual report
      Data sheets and photos due 12/31
      Annual reports due 12/31 – template and examples attached
      Training – April 12-14, 2011
            Review team for document update
      Round Robin

Since 2010 was SOSs largest collection season to date, it is important that
we strategize about data entry and analysis for accurate reporting in 2011.
The 2001-2007 report was just printed; we will develop a 2008-2011 program
report to request appropriate funding for future seed collection and NPMD

Update from Bend:
-     746  SOS collections processed in 2009
-     2225 SOS collections processed in 2010 (to date)
-     ~1000 collections’ worth of data sheets received in DC

Data sheets, annual report and photos all due to National Office by Dec.
-     If you can’t meet these deadlines please let Megan know
-     SOS annual reports are different than JZ widget reporting.  They are
based on the collection year/season, not the fiscal year.

Seed Collection for Restoration and Conservation Training: April 12-14th
-     Will be held at Desert Botanic Garden in Phoenix, AZ
-     Registration is open – contact Lori Young at the NTC (602-906-5640)
-     Some confusion about waitlist – Everyone goes on waitlist so to make
sure BLMers get priority.
-     If the class isn’t filling up 2 months ahead of the session, it will
be cancelled.
-     Attendance is limited to 20-22 participants.

Dates for the Grand Canyon CLM intern training – June 27 through July 1st
or 2nd, 2011

(See attached file: Seeds of Success Annual Report Template.doc)(See
attached file: CA330 2010 Annual Report.docx)(See attached file: OR020 2010
annual report.doc)

Megan Haidet
National Collection Curator
Seeds of Success
Bureau of Land Management
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