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*Seeds of Success*

*Collectors' Call Notes*

*March 3, 2015*

There were 39 participants on the call. For future calls that approach 40
participants, we can temporarily add spaces on the conference call line.

*SOS Structure and Function*

Seeds of Success collections should include a minimum of 10,000 seed from a
single population. If you would like seed for resarch or grow out, please
collect 10,000-20,000 seed. The long-term goal has been to make 20
collections across the range of the species. Multiple collections of a
species per seed zone will be needed to have seed stores of locally
adapted, geographically appropriate material.

Seed collection target lists should be sent to mahaidet at blm.gov by April 1.
Opportunistic collections are still permitted, however collection targets
should be species

To learn more about seed zones, visit the follow websites:



*SOS Collections for Pollinators*

On June 20th, 2014 the White House issued a Presidential Memorandum --
Creating a Federal Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other
Pollinators (
This memo established a Pollinator Health Task Force which includes USDA,
EPA, DOI, and others and directs the Task Force to develop a National
Pollinator Health Strategy which will include explicit goals, milestones,
and metrics to measure progress. This Strategy is to include an Action Plan
to focus on Federal efforts on understanding, preventing and recovering
from pollinator losses. Specifically, the action plan will address
strategies for developing affordable seed mixes, including native
pollinator-friendly plants, for maintenance of honey bees and other
pollinators, and guidelines for and evaluations of the effectiveness of
using pollinator-friendly seed mixes for restoration and reclamation
projects. The memo directs Departments of Agriculture and the Interior to
establish a reserve of native seed mixes, including pollinator-friendly
plants, for use on post-fire rehabilitation projects and other restoration
activities. This is where SOS our national network of partners can help!

-       Include pollinator friendly plants on your SOS target lists

-       Specifically, target milkweeds (asclepias sp.) which are the
required host plant for monarch caterpillars. Mature milkweed pods split
open along a vertical seam. It is ideal to collect pods when the seam has
just begun to split, but before the pod has fully opened and the floss has
expanded, if the seeds are all brown its probably ripe for harvest,

-       Other beneficial species include: Achillea spp., Dalea spp.,
Echinacea spp., Gaillardia spp., Helianthus spp., Liatris spp., Lupinus
spp., Monarda spp., Penstemon spp., Phacelia spp., Solidago spp.

-       NAPPC Pollinator Planting Guides:

-       NRCS Plants for Insects & Pollinators Publications:

*SOS Data Entry Portal*

The portal design has been finished and that we are now doing data
integrity and quality control tests. We expect finalization of the portal
in the next couple of months. Webinars will be scheduled to get SOS teams
familiar with the portal. SOS data sheets will continue to be used and must
be turned into the National Coorating Office and shipped along with your
seed to Bend Seed Extractory.

*Training Opportunities*

There is an expectation that SOS collection team leads have completed SOS
training at some point. BLM and other SOS team leads may take the Seed
Collection for Conservation and Restoration Course (1730-06) offered by the
BLM. This course is open for registration in DOI Learn (
http://www.doi.gov//doilearn/index.cfm). The course will be offered May
12-14, 2015, with an optional field trip offered on May 15, in Folsom,
CA. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Lori
Young, Training Coordinator, BLM National Training Center, 602-906-5640,
lyoung at blm.gov.

Note: All participants will be waitlisted as part of the roster management
with DOI Learn. There are plenty of spaces available for the 2015 class.

SOS East Partner training Course – June 2-5, Chapel Hill, NC.

CLM Intern training Course – June 8-12; Glencoe, IL.

*National Native Seed Conference *- April 14-16; Santa Fe, NM. Registration
is open and a preliminary program is available at http://nativeseed.info/.
SOS symposium will address program-wide accomplishments, lessons learned
and opportunities.

Next call: April 7, 2015

Megan Haidet
Seeds of Success
National Collection Curator
Seeds of Success

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