[SOS-PCA] Notes from 11.2.10 Collectors Call

Margaret_Haidet at blm.gov Margaret_Haidet at blm.gov
Wed Nov 3 09:43:27 CDT 2010

Below are the notes from yesterdays call.  Feel free to contact me if you
have any questions.

SOS Collectors Call Notes
November 2, 2010

18 individuals and/or teams called in

Data sheet
-     Please use the most current form available on SOS website (
-     This will be revised for next season – please talk to your interns
and have them send me comments for improving the form

Clearance forms
-     We cannot return seed to you sooner than 30 days from the receipt of
the clearance form – please build this into your planning schedules
-     Make sure the collectors are including a brief summary of NPMD uses
anticipated for the seed on the clearance form

-     Bend: seed, data sheets, clearance forms
-     National office: data sheets, clearance forms, photos
-     Smithsonian: herbarium vouchers with labels, data sheets
      ** Megan will follow up with the Smithsonian to better understand
what they want to accompany the vouchers (i.e. labels, data sheets, etc)
-     Local herbaria: additional vouchers

Annual Reports
-     Please use template available for download on our website (

Bend Seed Extractory
-     Has processed 2000 seed lots this season, 85-90% of which are SOS
-     If you are waiting for seed to be returned and you haven’t received
it, please contact Nita Rauch
-     If you need seed returned to you in Nov. or Dec. please let Nita know
so she can plan accordingly

The next Seeds of Success call will be on December 7th

Megan Haidet
National Collection Curator
Seeds of Success
Bureau of Land Management

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