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Leah Prescott lprescott at blm.gov
Mon Jun 25 12:23:53 CDT 2018

>From Nancy Shaw - US Forest Service:


I am helping Dr. Sandrine Godefroid, Botanic Garden Meise, Belgium, with a
study to explore germination patterns of alien species via a comparative
study between native and introduced populations. The ultimate goal of this
project is to establish whether introduced species show an evolutionary
adaptation to their new environmental conditions and, depending on the
results, try to establish the potential invasibility of naturalized species
not yet listed as such.

For this study, Sandrine will use seeds from several populations of target
species, both from their native and introduced areas. Three of these
species can be collected in the US, and I have included Sandrine’s comments
on her current collections:

* *Berteroa incana*: I managed to get seeds from Romania, Hungary and
Poland where the species is native, but I'm still searching for seeds from
its synanthropic range (e.g. USA).

* *Tragopogon dubius*: I have so far seeds from its native range
(populations from Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary), but not
from areas where it has been introduced (e.g. USA).

* *Juncus tenuis*: I have seeds from several introduced populations in
Belgium and France, and I'm searching for seeds originating from its native

The comparison of germination patterns under controlled conditions between
indigenous and introduced populations of the same species has rarely been
addressed, and the number of species taken into account in the literature
is most often limited to one. Here, with this project, I would like
to study several species in order to provide more robust results.

Sandrine’s request is for at least 6 US collections of at least 1000 seeds
each for each of these three species.  If you can make one or more
collections of any of these species, we would be greatly appreciative.  You
could send the collection (cleaning not necessary, but perhaps remove
leaves and twigs and make sure the seed is air dry) to me along with
collection site data (location, elevation, plant community, soils, etc.):

Dr. Nancy Shaw, Research Botanist (Emeritus)

USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station

322 E. Front Street, Suite 401

Boise, ID 83702

Phone: 208-373-4360, Cell 208-501-6459

nancylshaw at fs.fed.us or nancyshaw at cableone.net

I will work with USDA ARS to obtain the phytosanitary certificates
required. Sandrine will obtain any required EU permits for importing the

Thank you for your help.


Leah Prescott
Bureau of Land Management
Plant Conservation & Restoration Program
Data Coordinator

National Seed Strategy for Rehabilitation and Restoration
Plant Conservation Alliance <http://www.plantconservationalliance.org/>
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