[PCA] Fwd: Happy FairWild Week, June 25-July 1: Meet the wild plant ingredients in our everyday lives

De Angelis, Patricia patricia_deangelis at fws.gov
Wed Jun 27 07:39:34 CDT 2018

#FairWildWeek is all about celebrating the wild plant ingredients we take
for granted everyday. Thousands of them are in trade in 100,000s of
products worldwide. See the links below to find out about the issues and
how you can be part of the solution.

TRAFFIC is teaming up with FairWild to celebrate wild plants in our lives!
Their new report, *Wild at Home*, highlights how millions of people across
the world depend on wild plant ingredients, whether for sustenance, income
or as consumers, and calls for sustainability frameworks for the trade in
wild plants.

The report finds that there is simply not enough information on the species
and volumes involved in the wild plant trade. The latest IUCN Red List data
show that only 7% of plants have been assessed against extinction threat
criteria and, by some estimates, between 60–90% of plants used in trade are
sourced from the wild.

More info:

   - FairWild Week <http://www.fairwild.org/fairwild-week/> (
   - FairWild & What Consumers Should Know
   <https://mailchi.mp/21ec70e1ed4d/fairwild-week-consumers> (
   - FiarWild Week & What Business Can Do
   <https://mailchi.mp/545aac79217e/fairwild-week-business> (
   - The TRAFFIC report, Wild at Home
   - Full TRAFFIC Press Release
   <https://mailchi.mp/traffic/wild-at-home?e=c161c297a8> (
   - TRAFFIC <http://www.traffic.org/overview/> is a wildlife trade
   monitoring network. Their mission is to ensure that trade in wild plants
   and animals is not a threat to the conservation of nature. (
   http://www.traffic.org/overview/ <http://www.traffic.org/overview/>)
   - The FairWild Foundaiton <http://www.fairwild.org/>  promotes the
   sustainable use of wild-collected ingredients, with a fair deal for all
   those involved throughout the supply chain.(http://www.fairwild.org/)

Go wild for wild plants! #FairWildWeek
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