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Tue Aug 4 18:35:55 CDT 2020

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to everyone for being flexible with the new Teams meeting platform. As I mentioned on the call I will be working with IT to see if we can add a phone line to the meetings so that there continues to be a call-in option for folks. Let's continue to use this platform going forward. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via email, phone, or use the Teams chat and call functions.

Leah's last day will be this Friday, August 7th, so after that please send all emails to Anna at alindquist at blm.gov

I also just got an office phone line set up on my computer: 208.373.3822


Herbarium Vouchers: Smithsonian is operating at limited capacity, so if you can please hold onto your specimens until next year. If you do not have the ability to hold onto your specimens, please make sure you write SOS in large letters on the package when you send it to Smithsonian.

Bend Seed Extractory: Bend has received 233 SOS collections so far! Please remember to contact Kayla any time you are shipping seed. This is especially important for fleshy fruit!


As the summer is winding down, and many of you start wrapping up collections, here are a couple friendly reminders:

Target species lists, data sheets, and clearance forms:

-Thank you to everyone who has sent in a target species list. If you have not sent one in, please do so.

-Please also send a copy of your first data sheet to me to review.

-A blank clearance form is available on the SOS website. Please send those to me if you want seed from this season back from Bend.

Web portal data entries:

Most entries are looking good so far! Please reach out if you have any questions, or reference the Data Portal User Guide on the SOS website.


I have seen a couple common errors in the following fields:

-COLLECTORS: Please enter names in the same order and the same formatting every time; just makes the data cleaner. Preferred method is: name should be entered as last name, first initial with a comma between last name and first initial, then again after the period between the initial and next last name. EXAMPLE: Dawson, C., Howard, M., Tonenna, D., Ulloa, M.

-SEED COLLECTION REFERENCE NUMBER: Seed Collection Reference Number is made up of the collector code and the sequential collection number. For the most part these look good.

-FIELD NOTES: Most teams have been filling these in, but not all. This field is for you to describe the noteworthy characteristics of the plant, specifically capture those identifying features that might not be captured or retained by the voucher specimen. This is also the field where you may add additional notes for the SOS National Collection Database.

-LAND OWNER: Just BLM; no need to type out Bureau of Land Management; same for USFS

-GEOLOGY/SOIL TEXTURE/COLOR: Soil information is particularly important when thinking about where to put collections back on the ground. Soil texturing should be done while the soil is moist. See soil texturing flow chart on the SOS website. Your field office geologist might know of better resources for your specific area as well.

Our next call will be Tuesday, September 1st.

Thank you everyone for all your hard work this season. Leah and I are impressed with how resilient the crews have been in the face of everything this year has thrown at us.

Please let us know if you need anything.

Be well,


Anna Lindquist

National Curator, Seeds of Success  (Contractor)

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Seeds of Success<https://www.blm.gov/programs/natural-resources/native-plant-communities/native-plant-and-seed-material-development/collection>

National Seed Strategy<https://www.blm.gov/programs/natural-resources/native-plant-communities/national-seed-strategy>

Plant Conservation Alliance<https://www.blm.gov/programs/natural-resources/native-plant-communities/national-seed-strategy/pca>


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