[SOS-PCA] August SOS Collector's Call

Leah Prescott lprescott at blm.gov
Tue Aug 7 13:55:26 CDT 2018

Hi all,

Great turnout for this month's call, thanks again to everyone for
maintaining great communication through this transition. Below please find
the notes from today's call:

   - *Datasheets*:
   - Please keep the original datasheet on file at your office
      - Please send Leah (lprescott at blm.gov) a copy of the datasheets to be
      filed at the National Office, this can be through email or google drive,
      either is fine
      - A copy should accompany your seed to the Bend Seed Extractory
   - *Photos*:
      - Please submit all photos to Leah (lprescott at blm.gov) by *December
      - Photos are a great resource for preparing briefings, powerpoints,
      handouts, & BLM websites
      - Our SOS smugmug website holds all of our photos and is a great
      resource for land managers, researchers, or anyone interested in native
      plants (https://seedsofsuccess.smugmug.com/)
   - *Vouchers*:
      - Please send all vouchers to your regional herbarium as well as the
      - All shipments to the Smithsonian must contain a transmittal notice,
      available on the SOS website
      - Please be sure to pack all voucher specimens securely
      - Any questions about this process or shipping please review the SOS
      website or email Leah
   - *Bend*
      - Bend Processes seed for federal agency across the country
      - They have one staff member dedicated to SOS lots, but also have
      several other projects (including processing 70,000 bushels of conifer
      cones which will take 4 months!!)
      - Anything we can do to help Bend in planning will also help BLM &
      the SOS program
      - Bend begins the seed testing process once the *full lot* has been
      received - *please notify Bend when you send your final shipment of
      - Boxes have been well labelled this year & berries have been well
      packed - please keep up this great work
      - *Question*: Can seed shipped in December be processed by
      January/February? *It depends. Bend cannot accommodate every request*,
      it will depend on BLM and SOS priorities and Bend's capacity. If you have
      high priority projects please indicate so on your clearance form and work
      with your state botanist & WO accordingly
   - Please be extremely careful not to collect any noxious weeds in your
   bags. We cannot risk any contaminating Bend Seed Extractory or other
   collections and therefore have to return or dispose of the collection. This
   is really unfortunate because we know how much goes into these collections
   - so be cautious.

The next SOS Collectors Call will be on *Tuesday, September 4 *(apologies,
I think I said the 11th on the phone but it is the 4th). Monthly calls are
always the first Tuesday of the month at the following time:

8 AM Alaska
9 AM Pacific
10 AM Mountain
11 AM Central
Noon Eastern

If you need the call in information please email me.

Thanks everyone!

Leah Prescott
Bureau of Land Management
Plant Conservation & Restoration Program
Data Coordinator

National Seed Strategy for Rehabilitation and Restoration
Plant Conservation Alliance <http://www.plantconservationalliance.org/>
Seeds of Success
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