[SOS-PCA] Reminders for Collectors from US National Herbarium

Gardner, Erika M. GardnerE at si.edu
Thu Aug 4 07:25:10 CDT 2016

Good Morning,

I was unable to attend the SOS conference call on Tuesday, however I do have a couple of reminders.

1.       If you are working for a federal agency or a BLM collecting team, please include the Federal Collectors Transmittal Notice with your voucher herbarium specimens.  If you are working for non-federal, please send the Non- Federal Collectors letter.

2.       Please CUT and MATCH labels to every specimen.

3.       When shipping specimens, please try to ship specimens in a standard size box (dimensions can be anywhere from: Length=18.25' to 19', Width=12.5' to 13', Height= anywhere from 2' to 13'). The reason for this is that we have been receiving specimens in various sized boxes (which either don't fit in our freezers or the box is so strange we don't realize there are herbarium specimens inside). Specimens have also been arriving in envelopes. Envelopes are not a good shipping container. The specimens will be severely damaged during shipping. Please use boxes.

Thank you and I look forward to processing your specimens into the US National Herbarium!

Happy Collecting,

Erika M. Gardner
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