Haidet, Margaret (Megan) mahaidet at blm.gov
Mon Jan 5 13:38:28 CST 2015

Hi Everyone,

We will NOT have our regularly scheduled collectors' call this month. I
would like to update you on the following:

*Data forms and photos* need to be sent to the National Coordinating Office
as soon as possible. The deadline was Dec. 15.

*Herbarium vouchers* should be sent to the Smithsonian as soon as possible.
Please include labels and a notice of transmittal - templates for both are
available on the SOS website. Feel free to contact Meghann Toner (
tonerm at si.edu) if you have any questions.

*Bend Update* - Your last chance to request priority seed lots be returned
to your office, via the clearance form, is Jan. 30, 2015. After that point
Bend will not be able to guarantee a 30 day turn around for seed requests.

*Native Seed Conference - *They are still accepting proposals if you have a
great project/poster to present. Find out more about the conference here:

*Seed Collection for Conservation and Restoration* - The Seeds of Success
course, Seed Collection for Conservation & Restoration (1730-06) is open
for registration in DOI Learn. The course will be offered May 12-14, 2015,
with an optional field trip offered on May 15, in Folsom, CA. If you have
any questions or need assistance, please contact Lori Young, Training
Coordinator, BLM National Training Center, 602-906-5640, lyoung at blm.gov.


Megan Haidet
Seeds of Success
National Collection Curator
Seeds of Success

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