[SOS-PCA] SOS CALL NOTES: Sept. 2, 2014

Haidet, Margaret mahaidet at blm.gov
Tue Sep 23 14:41:12 CDT 2014

SOS Collectors' Call
September 2, 2014

There were 30 participants on the call.

*2014 Collection Status* - About 400 collections have been received by both
the National Coordination Office and the Bend Seed Extractory. In general
collections look good but please remember the following:
 - Try to minimize inert material (stems or otherwise) in your seed bags.
Razor blades, likely used for cut tests, were found in one seed lot. This
can be extremely dangerous for the Bend Extractory staff so please be
careful out there and be sure do not include blades, tools, sunglasses or
other non-seed material.
 - Paper and cloth bags are preferred for SOS material. Do not use plastic
bags for seed storage or shipping, especially if the material is not
completely dried down. A number of collections have been received in moldy
condition in ziplock plastic bags.

*Programmatic expectations* - There is an expectation that all mentors and
all interns participating in SOS will be trained, either at the BLM course
offered through the National Training Center (Seed collection for
Conservation and Restoration) or the CLM training. Participation on the
monthly collectors' call is also expected and will be tracked from this
point forward. If your team cannot make the call please contact me to let
me know.

*Protocol Update *- The biennial update to the Protocol is approaching.
Please submit any topics that you think should be more fully explained or
are absent from the SOS Technical Protocol. Edits will be made prior to the
2015 collection season.

*Data Entry Portal and Edits to data sheet *- In the 2015 collection
season, it will be the responsibility of the collection team to enter their
own data into an online data entry portal. In an effort to better
coordinate the SOS Data Sheet with the online portal, edits will be made to
the datasheet. An announcement will go out when this is complete.

*Year end wrap up* - Please continue to send your data, photos and
herbarium specimens to the appropriate locations. Data sheets should be
emailed to me as they are completed and ID is confirmed. Photos may be sent
via google drive, drop box or CD at the end of the collection season. Take
a look at this handout for additional information:

*Next Call: Due to a scheduling conflict our call will be postponed to
Tuesday, October 14th.*

Megan Haidet
Seeds of Success
National Collection Curator
Seeds of Success

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