[SOS-PCA] SOS Website Species List Search

Plant Conservation plant at plantconservation.org
Tue Mar 29 16:05:20 CST 2005

Hi everyone,

The Seeds of Success website has been updated to use a searchable database
for the species list.  The data used for the search will be updated
frequently as we get requests for species and add species to or
add/correct information on the species targeting list.  The ecoregion map
(and text list of ecoregions) and the collecting teams lists that
previously used tables now use links to the appropriate search.

The search forms and formats are still under development, so if you have
comments or questions, please drop an e-mail to me.  Already on the To Do
List is getting the Species List format to return more than 10 answers per
page, correcting the assigned collector search for the Lady Bird Johnson
Wildflower Center, and adding a Virginia Native Plant Society assigned
collector search.  I also plan to eventually add direct links for each
plant to the USDA PLANTS database and other sources of information.

Accessions are not yet in the database, but are being worked on.  The
accessions data will allow folks to know if a plant has already been
collected and sent to Kew or Bend.  When the accessions part of the
database is ready, the detailed species info format will show a list of
accessions if that species has any.  Clicking on the accession number will
show most of the information for that accession from the data sheet.  I'll
send out another e-mail when this is up and running.  After the accessions
data is set up, we'll also track where the herbarium specimens from
each accession are being housed.


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