[MPWG] ARTICLE: Sweet Dreams: Kazakhstan’s wild liquorice root trade

Park, Margaret E margaret_park at fws.gov
Tue May 11 10:36:18 CDT 2021

Cambridge, UK – 7 April 2021, TRAFFIC, ACBK

The Sweet Dreams: Assessing opportunities and threats in Kazakhstan’s wild liquorice root trade report by TRAFFIC and Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan (ACBK), released today, finds that the intensive and unregulated harvesting of liquorice plants, which grow in the flat unforested grasslands (steppes) and mountain rivers banks of Kazakhstan, is a major direct pressure on this important resource. This is exacerbated by other factors such as desertification, changes in the hydrological flow of rivers caused by the construction of dams, and the ploughing up of liquorice stands for agricultural crops.

Full story: https://www.traffic.org/publications/reports/a-sweet-tooth-for-medicinal-liquorice-a-risk-to-ecosystems-and-livelihoods-warns-a-new-report-released-this-world-health-day/
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