[SOS-PCA] Hiring Biological Science Technicians (Plants) GS-0404-04

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Tue Mar 10 09:28:34 CDT 2015

These are great opportunities!

 *Scientists with the Forest Service stationed at the Pacific Northwest
Research Station in Corvallis, OR are looking for two field assistants to
travel with us to collect data from a reciprocal transplant experiment at
16 common garden throughout the Interior Northwest US (OR, WA, ID, NV) from
May-July. This research project is investigating the efficacy of seed zones
(regional groups of populations with similar phenotypes and occur in
similar climates)  for bluebunch wheatgrass comparing differences in
establishment, survival, and reproduction of bluebunch wheatgrass
populations from local seed zones compared to non-local seed zones. This
study will explore the consequences of changing climates for adaptation by
substituting space for time to evaluate different populations in different
climates. Results from this work will aid land managers in maintaining and
restoring healthy ecosystems by using locally adapted seeds. Assistants
will maintain sites, reduce weeds in study plots, and collect data on the
reciprocal transplant experiment of bluebunch wheatgrass (Pseudoroegneria
spicata) to determine the efficacy of seed zones. Desired skills include
the ability to collect precise data, possess a valid driver's license,
ability to enjoy long distance driving and scenic views, ability to travel
for 5-14 days periods, ability to weed by hand (including use of hand tools
such as hoes, shovels, etc.),and small machines.*

*Biological Science Technician (Plants) GS-0404-04*

*Applications must be submitted on USDA JOBS: *


*Please send questions to Holly Prendeville: hollyrprendeville at fs.fed.us
<hollyrprendeville at fs.fed.us>*
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