[SOS-PCA] Freezer Recommendation?

Rita Dodge Rita.Dodge at redbutte.utah.edu
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I can tell you what not to get......:)
We have a standard top opening freezer....like the kind you could use as
a deep freeze in your home basement.  While this works, meets the
requirements, and is economical, I do not recommend it if you can afford
a stand up one with temp and humidity gauge. It is difficult to get to
seed packets and find ways to organize the type of freezer that we have.
So, if you need to convince someone that you need a better one than what
we have I hope this helps!


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Rocky Mountain National Park is researching seed storage freezers. They
are looking for something about 8'x10'x10'.
Any recommendations?
Please respond to Lonnie_Pilkington at nps.gov.

Thank You,

Mary K. Byrne
Seeds of Success
Bureau of Land Management

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