[PCA] Cirsium horridulum Propagation

Charmaine Delmatier delmatier at wyoming.com
Mon Jun 28 10:43:35 CDT 2021

Hi Desiree, 

Also, have you tried Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.  They have an extensive cacti and succulent propagation program.  

Cheers, Charmaine  

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> On Jun 28, 2021, at 8:32 AM, Yanes, Desiree (Parks) <Desiree.Yanes at parks.nyc.gov> wrote:
> Hi there,
> My name is Desiree Yanes and I am a vegetation monitoring technician at NYC Parks. We are currently working on a conservation action plan for Cirsium horridulum var. horridulum and we are in need of some information that is not currently available. Could you please send the message below?
> I am looking for information on propagating Cirsium species, specifically Cirsium horridulum var. horridulum. We are working on a conservation project for this species and do not currently have a propagation protocol. If anyone has information that would be helpful in the propagation of this species, please contact desiree.yanes at parks.nyc.gov.
> Thanks!
> Desi
> Desiree Yanes
> Vegetation Monitoring Technician
> Forestry, Horticulture & Natural Resources
> M 786.374.5908
> E desiree.yanes at parks.nyc.gov
> NYC Parks
> Arsenal North
> 1234 Fifth Avenue
> New York, NY 10029
> nyc.gov/parks
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