[PCA] Chestnut Bee (Andrena rehni) found in Maryland Yesterday on American Chestnut

De Angelis, Patricia patricia_deangelis at fws.gov
Wed Jun 17 16:10:17 CDT 2020

People should look at their local American Chestnut groves.

Yesterday I visited a 15/16ths Am. Chestnut planting. There were mature trees blooming and I collected about 50 or so bee specimens. Among the ones present were about 5-6 A. rehni (males and females). I think it is becoming clearer that this is indeed a Castenae specialist (both American Chestnut and Chinquapin). It is not clear if they use pure Chinese Chestnuts.

So, those of you in the East, take a look at any Chestnut plantings now for these beautiful little bees.

-Sam Droege, USGS Native Bee Lab

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