[PCA] Urban Tree Conference, Nov 18-19, The Morton Arboretum, Illinois

Megan Dunning mdunning at mortonarb.org
Thu Sep 25 09:37:33 CDT 2014

2014 Urban Tree Conference:
Managing Urban Forests in a Changing Climate

Learn how you can help your urban forest and your community handle the
effects of climate change!

Registration is now open for the 2014 Urban Tree Conference, “Managing
Urban Forests in a Changing Climate,” November 18–19, 2014, held at The
Morton Arboretum, just outside of Chicago in Lisle, Illinois.

This two-day conference for tree professionals will focus on practical
concerns for those who manage trees in cities and suburbs, such as how
the changes in climate are expected to affect trees’ biology and growing
conditions; shifts and increases in pests and diseases; managing for
extreme storms and severe drought; and how trees can help communities
adapt to conditions such as greater stormwater loads.

Speakers will include:

• Donald J. Wuebbles, Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences,
University of Illinois, on climate change predictions for urban

• Peter MacDonagh, landscape architect, Kestrel Design Group, on trees
and stormwater management

• Mark Rudnicki, forest ecologist, University of Connecticut, on
preparing for extreme storms

• Bryant Scharenbroch, soil scientist, The Morton Arboretum, on climate
effects on soils

• Louis Iverson, landscape ecologist, USDA Forest Service, on predicted
changes in tree species’ ranges

• David Nowak, research forester, USDA Forest Service, on the future
climate for urban trees

• Gary Johnson, urban forestry researcher, University of Minnesota, on
growing and planting strategies

• And more!

This conference is aimed at municipal foresters and other local
officials; arborists; landscape contractors; landscape architects; and
other professionals who own, care for, or plan for trees. It will take
place at the beautiful 1,700-acre grounds of The Morton Arboretum, a
world-renowned tree museum and center of research on tree science and
tree care.

Presented in partnership with the Northern Institute of Applied Climate
Science and the USDA Forest Service.

For more information or to register:
Call: 630-719-2468
Email: registrar-ed at mortonarb.org

Please share with others who might be interested! We hope you'll join us
this fall.


Megan Dunning, PhD
Manager of Adult Programs
The Morton Arboretum
4100 Illinois Route 53
Lisle, Illinois 60532
mdunning at mortonarb.org

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