[PCA] Seeking US statistics!! Please help.

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Tue Sep 23 11:24:19 CDT 2014

Hello Patricia,

I'm not familiar with a national source for vegetation community data that
would be able to answer your broader question.  If you were just looking at
forest cover I might suggest the global forest cover change map
produced by Hansen et al.

One document that would give you general information on land cover change
is the USDA's National Resources Inventory.  Although their main focus is
evaluating the effectiveness of the farm bill Conservation Reserve Program,
they do include data for all landcover types in their summary report.  The
most recent (from 2010) is available at

Good luck!

Conor Flynn
conorpro at gmail.com

On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 9:31 AM, De Angelis, Patricia <
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> Hi,
> Can someone point me toward US statistics on loss/conversion/degradation
> of habitat for native plant communities - not just forestland, not just
> wetlands, not just West Coast, not just mainland, but US?
> Also, are there nationwide statistics on how much native habitat is
> restored on a national level - across agencies, private/public, etc.?
> Thanks!
> Patricia
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