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Kwong, Olivia okwong at blm.gov
Tue Apr 23 13:07:48 CDT 2013

The statement of work is attached to this post, but if you would like to
put in a bid for the contract and need the RFQ document, please email Ray
Mims (rmims at aoc.gov).

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I wanted to make certain that you received this Request for Quote (RFQ) for
a contract Environmental Educator to work with the United States Botanic
Garden on Project Bud Burst http://budburst.org/ .

The United States Botanic Garden is seeking a qualified contractor to
assist in development and delivery of formal and informal science education
to school children and general public surrounding the plant pheonology.
Working within the mission of the USBG the contractor will successfully
engage school children and the general public in ecological research by
teaching skills of observation in order to document the changes in plants
through the seasons.

The attached is information to quote on the above project. Please forward
this to environmental educators and ask that they give special attention to
Block No. 9 on the RFQ document (required due date for quotes). If you have
any questions or concerns, please forward an e-mail Karen Monroe at
kmonroe at aoc.gov and Ray Mims at rmims at aoc.gov .

Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider working on this
project and since this is late reaching you let us know if you need
additional time.

Thank you and best regards,

Ray Mims
United States Botanic Garden
rmims at aoc.gov


Karen D Monroe
Contracting Officer/Purchasing Agent
Phone 202.226.4527
Fax    866.802.4191
kmonroe at aoc.gov
Architect of the Capitol
Acquisitions & Material Management Division Ford House Office Building
H2-263 Washington, DC 20515 www.aoc.gov
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