[PCA] Society for Economic Botany Annual Meeting - 2-7 June 2012, Frostburg MD

Patricia_DeAngelis at fws.gov Patricia_DeAngelis at fws.gov
Fri Mar 16 10:16:15 CDT 2012

The 53rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Economic Botany will be hosted 
by Frostburg University, one of the nation's only Universities that offers 
an undergraduate degree in Ethnobotany. 


2 June: Student-led service project & photography workshop

3 June: Pre-conference field trips to Dr. Jim Duke's Green Farmacy Garden, 
Harding's Ginseng Farm, Green Ridge State Forest, and a Nature Conservancy 
boreal bog. Sunday evening will feature an ACES sponsored farmers' market 
and entertainment by Sparky and Rhonda Rucker.

4-7 June: Conference will include presentations on Appalachian, Himalayan 
and European mountains Ethnobotany. The Open Science Network in 
Ethnobiology will sponsor a special symposium on Ethnobiology Education

Call for posters: Submission deadline April 1

Registration is now open! @ <

For information on the meeting, see: <

Patricia S. De Angelis, Ph.D.
Botanist, Division of Scientific Authority-US Fish & Wildlife Service
Chair, Medicinal Plant Working Group-Plant Conservation Alliance
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Promoting sustainable use and conservation of our native medicinal plants.
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