[PCA] JOB: Part Time USBG Sustainability/Native Plant Education Outreach Contractor (Washington, DC)

Olivia Kwong plant at plantconservation.org
Wed Feb 8 07:25:54 CST 2012

Part-Time Contractor Position National Fund for US Botanic Garden

Public Outreach Education Technician: A part-time temporary position as a 
contractor of the National Fund for the U. S. Botanic Garden (National 
Fund), located at the U.S. Botanic Garden (USBG) Conservatory, 100 
Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, D.C.

Job Description: The contractor will work under the direction of the 
USBG's Education Program Specialist to do public outreach/education in the 
National Garden, Conservatory, Rain Garden, Terrace and other USBG venues 
during peak visitor hours, including weekends and some evenings. This 
position will serve as an on-site resource for sustainable gardening 
information and provide informal walk-up programming for visitors as well 
as some formal scheduled tours. Work includes using current USBG resources 
such as discovery carts and educational activities focused around consumer 
choices, gardening, and other everyday decisions and expectations that 
lead to a more sustainable lifestyle and healthier environment. The 
contractor will work cooperatively with supervisor, the USBG Public 
Programs division, the USBG Horticulture staff, National Fund Program 
Coordinator, and the USBG Conservation/Sustainability staff member to 
arrange for effective programming.

Qualifications: The National Fund is seeking an applicant who is:
* Self-directed, with experience in delivering face-to-face instruction 
about environmental issues and sustainability.
* Academically trained in topics such as sustainability, environmental 
studies, and gardening.
* Adept at public interaction and is successful at interacting with the 
* Experience implementing informal education best practices in a museum, 
public garden, national park, nature center, and/or non-profit 
organization whose mission includes delivery of environmental education to 
the public.

Work Week: Part-time 18-24 hours per week on a flexible schedule as 
required by the employer; employee is expected to be present with visitors 
during peak visitation hours, including on Saturday and Sunday. Also must 
be able to work occasional nights for USBG special events.

Compensation: $20/hour; this position does not include employee benefits 
or vacation time; this position is not a federal position.

Conditions of Employment: The contractor selected for this position will 
submit a biweekly timesheet approved by the USBG Education Program 
Specialist to the Executive Director of the National Fund. The contractor 
will be paid bi-monthly by the National Fund, which will report all wages 
to the IRS but will not withhold any taxes. The contractor will work under 
the supervision of the USBG Education Program Specialist who shall work 
with the contractor and the Executive Director of the National Fund or his 
designate to set the contractor's work schedule. The contractor's work 
schedule should be confirmed at least 2 weeks in advance. The contractor 
will submit to background check in order to be a badged contractor with 
the Architect of the Capitol (AOC).

It is expected that the National Fund contractor, while present on USBG 
grounds will reflect, in appearance, attitude, ethics and regard for the 
public, the same high standards expected of USBG employees.

After an initial two month period on the job, the contractor, with 
representatives of the USBG and the National Fund, will meet to discuss 
the contractor's job performance and future expectations. This contract 
can be terminated, with two weeks' notice, by either party at any time 
after this initial two month period.

To apply: Email submission of application to Samantha DesRochers, the 
National Fund Program Coordinator, at sdesroch at aoc.gov with the subject 
line: Public Outreach Education Technician Position. Please send resume or 
CV, cover letter, and two references.

Closing date: Tuesday, February 21, 2012.

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