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Please note that the Notices of Funding Availability (NOFAs) have been 
posted online for the Service's Wildlife Without Borders-Amphibians in 
Decline Program (WWB-AD) and the Wildlife Without Borders-Critically 
Endangered Animals Conservation Fund (WWB-CEACF).  The deadline to submit 
proposals for both funds is May 1, 2011. 


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announces a call for proposals for the 
2011 Wildlife Without Borders: Critically Endangered Animals Conservation 
Fund to fund projects that conserve the world?s most endangered species. 
Proposals are due MAY 1, 2011.

The Notice for Funding Availability (NOFA) is available at the following 
link: http://www.fws.gov/international/dic/pdf/nofa_ceacf11.pdf

Additional guidance and specific links for the various forms and 
requirements are listed below my signature.

Species eligible for funding are those that face a very high risk of 
extinction in the immediate future. Species should meet the criteria to be 
listed as ?Critically Endangered? or ?Endangered? on the International 
Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. Species listed as 
?Data Deficient? on the IUCN Red List are also eligible if the applicant 
can provide information that suggests a similar urgency for conservation 
action. Species listed as ?Extinct in Wild? are eligible if the applicant 
is proposing a reintroduction attempt. Proposed project work should occur 
within the species range, or, if work is to be conducted outside of the 
range, the proposal should show a clear relevance to its conservation.

The fund prioritizes conservation actions and field activities, not 

The following species are NOT eligible for funding: 
Species that do not meet the criteria to be listed on the IUCN Red List 
as, ?Critically Endangered? or ?Endangered;? 
Species with natural habitat range located primarily within the United 
States, Canada, Europe, or Australia; 
Species that are eligible for funding under one of the Multinational 
Species Conservation Fund programs, including: Asian elephant, African 
elephant, rhinoceros (all species), tiger (all sub-species), gorilla, 
chimpanzee, bonobo, orangutan, gibbons (all species) and marine turtles 
(all species); and 
Amphibian species. Amphibians are eligible for funding through the 
Wildlife Without Borders - Amphibians in Decline, including frogs, toads, 
salamanders, newts, and caecilians.

The USFWS Division of International Conservation administers the Wildlife 
Without Borders: Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Fund. The 
USFWS contact is Matt Muir. Please submit your completed application by 
email to fw9_wwb_ceacf at fws.gov. Specific questions about the fund should 
also be sent to fw9_wwb_ceacf at fws.gov with the subject line: "CEACF 
question: [species, country]." 

Please forward this message on to any colleagues working on eligible 

Many thanks and good luck with your conservation projects.

Matt Muir, Ph.D.
Division of International Conservation
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
4401 N. Fairfax Drive, ARLSQ 100c
Arlington, VA 22203-1622  USA
matt_muir at fws.gov
Fax: +1.703.358.2115
Direct line: +1.703.358.2061

If possible, we prefer that applications be submitted by email, but the 
entire application must be sent as ONE FILE (a single doc or pdf 
containing all the required elements: signed cover page, text of the 
proposal, maps, budget, government letters of endorsement, etc). Brevity, 
spell-checking, and proof-reading are greatly appreciated. The Statement 
of Need should be three pages or less.

The file must be formatted for LETTER, not A4, and please include 
sequential PAGE NUMBERS on EVERY page. 

Please submit your completed application by email to fw9_wwb_ceacf at fws.gov

After your application is received, you will receive an email to 
acknowledge receipt of the application and giving you a reference number 
(CE- for Critically Endangered).  Please refer to these reference numbers 
in all future communications.

USFWS WWB-Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Fund: 
USFWS WWB-Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Fund: Information 
page on How to Apply: 
USFWS WWB-Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Fund: Application 
Instructions (Notice of Funding Availability, or Request for Proposals): 
Conservation Fund application cover page (all funds): 
Example timetable: 
Example budget: 


To obtain a DUNS number: http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform/index.jsp

To register with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database:
        US registrants go to: http://www.ccr.gov (click on ?What You Need 
to Register?)
        FOREIGN registrants go to: 


SF424 Application for Federal Assistance: 
SF424b Non-construction Assurances: 
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