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Congratulations to you, Luke, for unlocking this fungal mystery! And to 
our Crummies Creek (WV) colleague, Russ Richardson, who really took the 
initiative to explore this strange new disease. I hope that the 
connections you make on these lists will provide you with more study 
material to better understand the ecology and ecological impacts of this 

As you may recall, one of my biggest concerns is whether this fungus is 
able to infect the native species around it (esp. the understory). 
Appalachia supports a number of important non-timber forest products 
(NTFPs) - some of which may be imperiled in parts of their range. These 
NTFPs are often harvested from the wild for local and commercial 
consumption and are an important source of income to local economies. So, 
whatever you can do to make sure that aspect stays on your research radar 
screen would be appreciated.  Certainly you might find knowledgable 
contacts on these lists at other universities that may be able to 
collaborate with you or compliment the work you are doing. 

Best of luck and keep us posted!

Thank you,

(Pardon cross-postings, but this issue really spans the gap between the 
Alien and Medicinal Plant Working Groups).

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[APWG] Microstegium (stiltgass) disease

Hi folks,

As many of you are aware populations of Microstegium throughout the 
invaded range in the eastern US have been exhibiting disease symptoms. We 
have identified the responsible pathogens as two new, undescribed species 
of fungi in the genus Bipolaris. Furthermore, we have recently shown that 
these pathogens are having significant effects on the growth and 
reproduction of Mv. More information in publications on my web site 
(florylab.com). We are currently investigating the relationship between 
the age and size of invasions and pathogen occurrence, and the ecological 
effects of disease on Mv populations and co-occurring native species. To 
accomplish these goals it would be very helpful to have fresh samples of 
diseased plants from across the range of Mv invasions. 

If you are willing to collect diseased samples of Mv from your area please 
contact me and I will send a sampling protocol. We will pay shipping via 

Thanks in advance. The community of land managers and researchers on this 
list has been very helpful in research efforts in the past and I think it 
represents a great example of the potential collaboration between managers 
and researchers. For example, we have published two papers on the 
differences between invasive and native populations of Mv using samples 
collected in part through contacts made on this list. 

S. Luke Flory
University of Florida
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