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Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 13:55:28 -0400
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Subject: Neem -- Uses & harvesting methods

Hello, All,

My son has recently taken up a U.S. Peace Corps assignment in the desert
town of Mella, Republica Dominica (Island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean
Sea).  Neem trees were planted extensively the area some 12 years ago.   He
has asked me to find information on uses for neem, things that can be made
with it (strictly domestic processing, without the use of special tools or
technologies), and tips on harvesting (parts, techniques, timing) for such
uses.  Thanks, in advance, for any information you can provide.

With best wishes,

Marla R. Emery, Ph.D.
Research Geographer
Aiken Forestry Sciences Laboratory
705 Spear Street, P.O. Box 968
Burlington, VT  05402-0968
(802)951-6771 ext. 1060

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