[MPWG] WHO Guidelines on Good Agricultural & Collection Practices for Medicinal Plants

Steven Foster sfoster at stevenfoster.com
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According to Dr. James E. Simon of Rutgers University the World Health  
Organization has just published the "WHO Guide: Good Agricultural &  
Collection Practices on Medicinal Plants." The document is co-authored  
by Harry Fong, University of Illinois Chicago, James E. Simon, Rutgers,  
and Jacinto Regalado of Missouri Botanical Garden. Information on the  
document is available at the following link.


REF: WHO guidelines on good agricultural and collection practices  
(GACP) for
medicinal plants, 2004, 133 pages [E], ISBN 92 4 156250 1. World Health
Organization, Marketing and Dissemination, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland.

A good starting point for uniform guidelines to enhance both the  
quality and sustainable use of medicinal plant resources. Includes  
guidelines from China, Japan, and Europe as well.

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