[PCA] WEBINAR: Essential Aspects of Monarch Habitat in the Southeast; November 4; 2-3:30pm ET

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Wed Nov 4 10:01:07 CST 2020

WEBINAR: Essential Aspects of Monarch Habitat in the Southeast; November 4; 2-3:30pm ET


Webinar date/time: November 4th 2020; 2:00pm ET

Duration: 1.5 hours

What will you learn?

With a focus on monarchs in the southeastern U.S., learn about the specific habitat needs of larvae and adults, including details on host and nectar plants and their ecology. In this second webinar in a three part series focused on monarchs in the southeast, NRCS planners and community conservationists will learn about specific habitat needs of larvae and adults. We will highlight monarch ecology in terms of the habitats that best support them in the region, and the host plants and nectar plants that they prefer to use. We will also discuss resources to help you select and find plant materials for restoring monarch habitat. View the replay of Part 1 for monarch biology basics (food requirements, natural enemies, migration, etc.), , their status (how monarch populations are doing), and (very briefly) how diverse NRCS practices can support monarchs, other wildlife, and farm production. Part 3 in December will include a deeper look at resources for NRCS planners c/o http://nrcs.usda.gov/monarchs, covering the Monarch Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Guides and habitat creation and management using Farm Bill Programs


  *   Sudie Daves Thomas, MS, Wildlife Biologist, SC NRCS, Manning, SC

  *   Billy McCord, MS, McCord Ecological Services and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Charleston, SC

  *   Ray Moranz, PhD, Grazing Lands Pollinator Ecologist, Xerces Society and NRCS CNTSC, Stillwater, OK

  *   Moderator/Presenter: Nancy Lee Adamson, PhD, Senior Pollinator Conservation Specialist, Xerces Society and NRCS ENTSC, Greensboro, NC

No pre-registration required.

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Webinar presented by USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

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