[PCA] DIGITAL FILM PREMIERE & VIRTUAL Q&A: Fantastic Fungi Day - March 26

De Angelis, Patricia patricia_deangelis at fws.gov
Tue Mar 24 11:55:07 CDT 2020

March 26 is Fantastic Fungi Day and the Mycelium Network has fun(gi) in store for you!

Fantastic Fungi is all about our interconnectedness and the common issues that we face as a species. We know that our biggest defense from these viruses is our own sense of wellbeing, our own immunity and the ability to live from a place of health and wellness both individually and collectively.

The messages of this film could not be any timelier, from the need to reconnect and understand the intelligence of nature, to partnering with fungi and our natural world to shift our consciousness. How prepared are we to face the pressing issues we have in our world?

We are facing a serious challenge, yet like the mycelium network, we are adaptable. As a response to the worldwide pandemic of the coronavirus, we ask each community to take responsibility for establishing the best practice for them. We also know that we need to respond as mycelium and provide innovative ways of addressing these new challenges.

In response to the Coronavirus, the film Fantastic Fungi available to rent or buy as a digital download..."Now we can truly gather as a united global mycelium network from the comfort and safety of your home."

Learn more and Register for live virtual Q&A with Mycologist Paul Stamets and Director Louie Schwartzberg and great additional fungal features at:
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