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Sharing information about this resource that I've just become aware of. It's aimed at finding scholarships in the conservation field - many are in the United States...Have a look!

NOTE: A self-driven Q&A opens to guide you to resources; this is a cool resource but it's hard to see how to get back to the main page - to do that, just click the small "x" in the top right of the screen.

***We're excited to share the Top Conservation Scholarships!

This brand-new list of 60 conservation scholarships aims to help conservationists achieve career success and help wildlife thrive, regardless of financial barriers.

Meet the scholarships here!   (https://www.conservation-careers.com/top-conservation-scholarships/)

At Conservation Careers, we know that money can be a big barrier, and sometimes even prevent talented conservationists from furthering their careers.

But we believe all conservationists should be able to pursue the best training opportunities, have the best experiences, conduct meaningful research and lead impactful conservation projects. We hope this list helps make that a reality.

A big thanks to all the organisations that are helping conservationists achieve successful and impactful careers! If you know a great conservation scholarship that isn't on this list, please let us know.

Best regards,

Kristi Foster

Kristi Foster - Head of Engagement
Email: Kristi at conservation-careers.com
Web: www.conservation-careers.com

Conservation Careers Ltd: 9299728


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