[PCA] SAVE THE DATE for the first PCA meeting of 2020, featuring a talk on precision restoration (Jan. 8, 2-4pm ET)

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***The next Plant Conservation Alliance meeting is on Wednesday, January
8th, 2020, from 2:00 - 4:00 pm ET.***

The Plant Conservation Alliance (PCA) holds regular meetings that are open
to everyone and usually accessible online. Next month, the PCA is excited
to welcome Dr. Kirk W. Davies, Lead Rangeland Scientist at the USDA
Agricultural Research Service Unit at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural
Research Center in Burns, OR., to present "Collaboration and precision
restoration to improve native plant restoration in arid ecosystems" from
2:00-3:00 pm ET, on January 8th:

Native plant restoration is exceedingly difficult in arid ecosystems.  Most
native perennial plants only establish sporadically, often in years with
above average precipitation.  Thus, when we plant native species we are
asking them to establish in that year, which often does not deliver the
conditions necessary for their establishment.  Furthermore, vast changes in
soils, climate, and atmospheric carbon dioxide have greatly altered the
environment that native plants must establish in compared to historic
conditions.  Invasive plants have made establishment of native vegetation
even more challenging.  The USDA-Agricultural Research Service in Burns, OR
and The Nature Conservancy, in collaboration with private and public land
managers, has developed precision restoration.  The principal of precision
restoration is to use a particular technology or strategy that mediates a
specific barrier to native plant establishment.  We are identifying
specific barriers to establishing native plants and developing technologies
and strategies to mediate these barriers. In this presentation, I will
discuss the framework for precision restoration and some of the
technologies and strategies to limit the impact of specific barriers to
native plant establishment.

*****January’s speaker will be presenting REMOTELY and will be followed by
the PCA business meeting which welcomes participation from all. *****

Folks in the DC-area folks who are interested in participating in person
are welcome to join us at the Main Interior Building, 1849 C St NW,
Washington, DC 20240 (Conference Room TBD).

*If you plan to attend this meeting in person, *please RSVP
to Michelle_Turton at fws.gov <Michelle_Turton at fws.gov> by January 3**.*

**More about Dr. Davies**

Dr. Kirk W. Davies is the Lead Rangeland Scientist at the Agricultural
Research Service Unit at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center in
Burns, OR.  He obtained dual B.S. degrees in Crop and Soil Science and
Rangeland Resources in 2000.  Dr. Davies then obtained a PhD in Rangeland
Resources from Oregon State University in 2005 and has worked at the
Agricultural Research Service since 2006.  Dr. Davies has published over
110 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles on restoration, fire ecology,
grazing-fire interactions, plant community dynamics, sagebrush steppe
ecology, invasive species management, and feral horse effects.  He has also
published numerous management guides, extension articles, and proceeding

We hope you will join us for the presentation and business meeting. Please
check back later for further details about the meeting that will be posted
to: http://www.plantconservationalliance.org/cooperators

Thank you!
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