[PCA] It's World Soil Day - This year's theme: Stop Soil Erosion, Save our Future

De Angelis, Patricia patricia_deangelis at fws.gov
Thu Dec 5 12:14:07 CST 2019

World Soil Day is observed on December 5 every year across the world to
bring the focus to the soil that nurtures us.

Soil erosion is a major threat to the planet's soils. Soil erosion is the
removal of the fertile top soil due to water, wind and tillage. Soil
erosion affects soil health and productivity, affecting food quality and
decreasing crop yield. This year's theme for World Soil Day 2019 is "Stop
soil erosion, save our future" to raise awareness on the importance of soil
for healthy ecosystems and well-being of humans.

**Watch the IUCN World Soil Day 2019 programme at:
(Ongoing now, live but recordings will be available after the meeting)

Several U.S. federal agencies are involved in research to monitor and
improve soil health on public lands and private lands. Many of these
efforts build off of the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources
Conservation Service programs.

**Learn more at USDA-NRCS SOILS:
**National Park Service Southern Plains and Inventory & Monitoring
Network:  https://www.nps.gov/im/sopn/soils.htm

To celebrate World Soil Day, Unbroken Ground, a 25 minute film, explains
the critical role food will play in the next frontier of our efforts to
solve the environmental crisis. It explores four areas of agriculture that
aim to change our relationship to the land and oceans. Our food can and
should be a part of the solution to the environmental crisis – grown,
harvested and produced in ways that restore our land, water and wildlife.
The film tells the story of four groups that are pioneers in the fields of
regenerative agriculture, regenerative grazing, diversified crop
development and restorative fishing.

**Watch Unbroken Ground. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ezkp7Cteys>
(Brought to you by ARRI, Farm League CA-OR, Leica, and Patagonia Provisions)
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