[PCA] Europeans form new native seed producers association

De Angelis, Patricia patricia_deangelis at fws.gov
Wed Jun 6 11:14:20 CDT 2018


by Simone Pedrini

A Dutch, a French and an Irishman walk into a German native seed farm.

That’s quite a good start for a joke based on national stereotypes. But
when the Dutch, French and Irishman are followed by the Scottish, Spanish,
Danish, German, Italian, English, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Swiss, Austrian
and a Portuguese (on crutches) the joke might get a bit out of hand. And
they’re not visiting just one farm. They’re on a mission to fit as many
native seed companies as possible in a super tight five days schedule
across most of Germany, and Switzerland.

This international band of women and men are native seed farmers from all
over the continent, that have left their flowering fields in the middle of
May, in the height of production season, and gathered in Germany and
Switzerland, where farmers like them set their activities aside to welcome
them and guide them through their fields and barns.

This was the European Native Seed Producers Convention 2018.

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