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Hodges, Jef L jhodge34 at utk.edu
Thu Feb 15 08:45:01 CST 2018

I need your help for a project I am working on.

I am compiling a list of concise, succinct "sound bites" that can be used to promote the value of native vegetation for a one-page infographic I am developing. It is important that statements can be supported by peer reviewed scientific research. If you have a fact you can provide, please also include the reference.

An example statement might be, "An acre of native vegetation sequesters xx tons of carbon from the atmosphere" or "Pollinator abundance in native vegetation is xx times greater than in non-native."

I am looking for supporting statements concerning:
Water quality
Soil conservation
Air quality
Soil health
Soil biology
Wildlife (including insects, herps, pollinators)
Economic impact
Business/job creation
Quality of life
Any other positive impact native vegetation provides.

You can submit replies to: jhodge34 at utk.edu<mailto:jhodge34 at utk.edu>

Thank you,

Jef Hodges, CWB(r)
Grassland Coordinator
National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative

382 NW Hwy 18
Clinton, MO 64735

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