[PCA] Article: Another Reason To Save Snakes: They Disperse Seeds (Probably)

Prescott, Leah lprescott at blm.gov
Wed Feb 14 08:30:40 CST 2018

 From: Discover
By: Christie Wilcox

"If seed dispersal sounds less like something a snake does and more the
purview of mammals and birds, that’s because until now, snakes weren’t
thought of as seed dispersers—mostly because, well, they generally don’t
eat plants or fruits (at least not willingly). And their smooth scaly skin
doesn’t exactly give much for burs to stick to. But a new study in
Proceedings of the Royal Society B suggests that rattlesnakes in the
southwestern US may be acting as ecosystem engineers by spreading seeds."

Read more: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/science-

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