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Celebrate National WIldflower Week - May 2 through May 8, 2010

The first National Wildflower Week was launched in 1988 as the primary
focus of the American Wildflower Society, which was founded the same year.
A few years later the American Wildflower Society became defunct and the
week languished in obscurity until revived by Charles Spencer to honor his
mentor, Edward Piela, naturalist and botanist. At the request of Spencer,
the Wildflower Center became the permanent home of NWW in 2003.

National Wildflower Week aims not only to highlight the beauty of our
wildflowers, but to encourage citizens to take steps to conserve and
protect them. Families and individuals can also celebrate the week in their
area by identifying wildflowers in a local nature area, learning about
wildflowers at the library or online, or donating to a conservation
organization. Other approaches include planting wildflowers that are native
to your area in your yard or neighborhood, and getting your kids involved
in this or other activities focused on protecting some of our nation’s most
precious resources. Visit
http://www.wildflower.org/20_ways_to_observe_national_wildflower_week/ for
twenty fun ways to participate in National Wildflower Week.

National Wildflower Week at the Wildflower Center

Texas Highways magazine, in cooperation with the Wildflower Center,
presents "The Serendipity of Wildflowers", a colorful, contemporary exhibit
of exceptional wildflower photography from the magazine's April wildflower
issue. The exhibit sponsored by Canon can be viewed daily during National
Wildflower Week in the McDermott Learning Center from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. On,
Friday May 6 of National Wildflower Week, the Wildflower Center will
participate in National Public Gardens Day, when readers of Better Homes &
Gardens magazine can obtain free admission to the garden using a special
coupon. And Saturday, May 7, the Center hosts Gardens on Tour, featuring
five Austin gardens that highlight native plants and the Wildflower Center

For more information on National Wildflower Week, visit

Damon E. Waitt, Ph.D.
Senior Director and Botanist, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
University of Texas at Austin
4801 La Crosse Ave. Austin, Texas 78739-1702
email: dwaitt at wildflower.org
phone: 512.232.0110
fax: 512.232.0156

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