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I am sorry to note the passing of Harold Wiedemann, Agricultural Engineer,
Texas A&M University (retired), who developed our Revegetation Equipment
Catalog and who has updated and maintained it since 2005.  The Catalog has
received more than 100,000 visits annually. In 2006 the it won a Blue
Ribbon Educational Website Award from the American Society of Agricultural
and Biological Engineers.  Harold developed several implements that are
widely used in restoration, including the chaffy grass-seed metering
system.  He was a leader of the Revegetation Technology
and Equipoment Council and a long-time member of the  Society for Range
Management and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological

Several months ago Harold asked me to find someone to continue his work
with the Revegetation Equipment Catalog.  Robert Cox, now on the faculty at
Texas Tech University, has accepted this task, and I am sure the Catalog
will be in good hands.  Texas A&M will continue hosting the website (
http://reveg-catalog.tamu.edu) for the immediate future.


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