[PCA] NEWS: Global warming sending tropical species uphill

Olivia Kwong plant at plantconservation.org
Mon Oct 20 09:22:15 CDT 2008


Global warming sending tropical species uphill: study
Thu Oct 9, 4:09 pm ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) -- Global warming is driving tropical plant and animal 
species to higher altitudes, potentially leaving lowland rainforest with 
nothing to take their place, ecologists argue in this week's issue of 

In a rare study on the impact of global warming in the tropics, University 
of Connecticut ecologist Robert Colwell and colleagues worked their way up 
the forested slope of a Costa Rican volcano to collect data on 2,000 types 
of plants and insects.

See the link above for the full article text.

If you have access to Science by AAAS, the study link is 

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