[PCA] NEWS: Measuring the Impact of Invasive Plants

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Measuring the Impact of Invasive Plants
By Elisabeth Pain, United States
13 June 2008

"I have always been fascinated by the complexity of nature and the way
that [organisms] interact with one another," says Kristina Stinson,
38, a plant population biologist at Harvard Forest in Petersham,

After obtaining two bachelor's degrees, one in literature and
languages and another in natural sciences and mathematics, Stinson did
a Ph.D. at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at
Princeton University, conducting her research on how global warming
influences the flowering time of alpine plants on the verge of
extinction at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory in Crested
Butte, Colorado. After graduating in 1998, Stinson took a postdoc at
Harvard University, where she studied the dynamics of ragweed
populations in elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide levels as well as
the physiological processes that turn plants into invasive species
outside their home ranges.

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