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Thu Jun 9 12:11:46 CDT 2005

Just wanted to let you know that NFWF has a new program this year called
Acres for America.  The program information includes "plants" as the
targeted habitat conservation (along with the usual wildlife & fish), so
it could potentially prove useful to some of you to look into the request
for proposals.

As for the Wal-Mart connection which will probably controversial for some
of you, PCA has no official opinion on the matter & leaves it to
individuals to decide for themselves.  Passing on this press release
information does not constitute an endorsement for the company.


Contacts: Sarah Clark or Tara Stewart, Wal-Mart, 202.409.7584 or
Christine Volkmer, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 214.794.5498
Liz Madison, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 202.857.5677

Wal-Mart Pledges One Acre for Every Acre Developed Partners with the
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation on Land Conservation Program

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 12, 2005) - The National Fish and Wildlife
Foundation and Wal-Mart announced today a groundbreaking partnership
program, "Acres for America," which will conserve critical wildlife
habitats for future generations. Wal-Mart has committed $35 million for
the next 10 years to conserve at least one acre of priority wildlife
habitat for every acre developed for company use. This new program is one
of the largest ever publicprivate partnerships and the first time a
company has tied its footprint to land conservation. Acres for America
will permanently conserve at least one acre of priority wildlife habitat
for every developed acre of Wal-Mart's current footprint, as well as the
company's future development over the next 10 years. This puts the minimum
total acres to be protected at 138,000. Lands conserved will benefit a
wide variety of wildlife, including large and small mammals, freshwater
and saltwater fish, migratory and neo-tropical birds and native plants.

"Wal-Mart is the first corporation to commit to offsetting its entire
developed land use for conservation," said Max Chapman, Jr., Foundation
chairman. "We introduced the concept of the offset program to Wal-Mart
last year," he said. "They were quick to say yes, and Wal-Mart's
leadership is raising the bar in conservation."

"As partners, we are conserving wildlife habitat on a large scale to
safeguard migratory corridors, breeding grounds and natural areas
essential to the long-term health of America's wildlife," said John Berry,
Foundation executive director.

The Foundation will identify key habitats throughout the country working
in partnership with the nation's local, state and national conservation
organizations and public land management agencies. As part of the
announcement, five leadership grants resulting from Wal-Mart's Acres for
America were named.

These signature projects include:
  Catahoula National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana
  Sherfield Cave and the Headwaters of the Buffalo National River,
  North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona
  Back to Home Waters/ Squaw Creek, Oregon
  Downeast Lakes Forestry Partnership, Maine

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation will be able to leverage
Wal-Mart's funding to find matching grants and other funding sources,
which will often provide a two-for-one or even three-to-one acre match.
The five signature projects announced today will result in the
conservation of more than 321,000 acres.

"America loses nearly three million acres of open space each year," said
Larry Selzer, president of the Conservation Fund. "It's critical that we
act now to protect some of the most important landscapes that we have
left, and these areas represent the best of wildlife habitat and
opportunities for outdoor recreation. The Conservation Fund is proud to
work with the Foundation and Wal-Mart to leave a lasting legacy for future

"We are proud that Wal-Mart is making land conservation history, but quite
simply, protecting our environment is simply the right thing to do," said
Mike Duke, executive vice president and president and chief executive
officer of Wal-Mart Stores - USA. "By giving back something now, our kids,
our grandkids and others will have a chance to enjoy these national
treasures for years to come."

The Foundation will consider recommendations for projects that would
generate the greatest impact to important fish, wildlife or plant
resources. To apply or for more information log onto www.nfwf.org or

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